Baseball Scoring Certification Assessment



Academy members have lifetime access to the following:

Training Videos:

  • Pre-amble: Scorekeeper Fundamentals
  • Lesson 1: “He touched it!” – defining hits and errors
  • Lesson 2: Ground ball to the short stop is a double? How to accurately score multi-base hits and the fielder’s choice
  • Lesson 3: Wild pitches, passed balls and stolen bases. Are you sure you want to be a catcher?
  • Lesson 4: All runs are created equal…not. Earned vs unearned runs
  • Lesson 5: We all make sacrifices – sacrifice bunts and flys
  • Lesson 6: Determining the winning and losing pitcher and defining saves


Certify your scorekeeping knowledge by taking our comprehensive 50 question assessment! Score at least 90% and you’ll receive a certificate from the Baseball Scoring Academy suitable for framing.


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