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A Mission To Bridge The Gap

In our technologically driven era, we’ve put the power of scoring baseball games into the hands of parents and fans, which is a great way to follow a team remotely. However, we’ve identified a gap between the convenience of these technologies and fundamental knowledge required for accurate scoring. Our mission is to bridge this gap, ensuring coaches, fans and players receive accurate statistics, ultimately elevating the overall game experience!

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Membership Material

The Academy:

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Training Videos:

  • Pre-amble: Scorekeeper Fundamentals
  • Lesson 1: “He touched it!” – defining hits and errors
  • Lesson 2: Ground ball to the short stop is a double? How to accurately score multi-base hits and the fielder’s choice
  • Lesson 3: Wild pitches, passed balls and stolen bases. Are you sure you want to be a catcher?
  • Lesson 4: All runs are created equal…not. Earned vs unearned runs
  • Lesson 5: We all make sacrifices – sacrifice bunts and flys
  • Lesson 6: Determining the winning and losing pitcher and defining saves

Training Material and Certification

The MLB scoring rules are over 40 pages long and can be technical. We've done the hard work for you and simplified the fundamentals to a few short training videos. Upon completion, you will be prepared to pass our certification test, verifying your baseball scorekeeping knowledge!


Certify your scorekeeping knowledge by taking our comprehensive 50 question assessment! Score at least 90% and you’ll receive a certificate from the Baseball Scoring Academy suitable for framing.


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Our Vision

To bridge a knowledge gap, ensuring that both parents and coaches are well-equipped with skills needed to score baseball games accurately.